Although everyone loves a good and restful sleep at night, there are lots of persons out there who suffer from this disorder and affect their entire  health , including the quality of life by putting us at greater risk of unwanted illnesses. There’s no need to get confirmation from studies to acknowledge that sleep is highly essential to live longer and happier.

However, for many reasons, many adults are affected these days by insomnia, a disorder that can lead to negative consequences such as memory issues, depression or an increased risk for other diseases.

Without a doubt,  diet  has its important role in this chaotic lifestyle, because it can help you improve the quality sleep and avoid waking up tired and unproductive for the rest of the day. Fortunately, there are some excellent foods that can contribute greatly to fight this disorder and help you sleep better. See below these recommended foods to stay healthier and have a good sleep.


As a general rule and a healthy habit, every kid used to have its warm glass of milk before bed for a better sleep and it turned out to be quite benefic for health as well. Why not having the same habit as adults and drink a glass of milk to develop a quality sleep and wake up fresh for the next day? It’s not only a natural sleep solution, but an efficient way to get a beautiful and moisturized  skin  all day long.

Cottage cheese

For some people a good night sleep can begin with a simple and healthy one cup of cottage cheese. Aside from being a good source of slow-digesting proteins, it is also labeled as a recommended food packed with vitamins and minerals, ideal during any balanced diet, as well as to provide essential nutrients or  lose weight . Optionally, you can mix the cheese with a tablespoon of almond butter to satisfy your body for the upcoming night.


Another recommended food that will improve your sleep over night is fish. It is a very healthy food, usually indicated in balanced diet, but only some fish (tuna, cod or halibut) and seafood choices have sleep-inducing tyroptaphan, which is an important amino acid used by our bodies to make serotonin. A good mood and healthy sleeping is produced by the presence of serotonin, so try to eat fish at dinner, instead of choosing other fatty foods.


If you enjoy eating fruits before bed, take advantage of cherries, as an important sleep aid for all people coping with this disorder. However, it is good to know that you can consume cherry juice in the evening and observe better sleeping habits. The secret contains in its high source of melatonin, which is practically a hormone that help us sleep better.

Do you know other foods to get a comfortable and good night sleep?