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I find it fascinating how paternalistic this whole topic is, and "Stop the Bullshit" is part of this. Once you concede this, how far is it before we make "fake news", or rather unapproved news, simply illegal How long until news simply becomes propagandaThere absolutely is a problem with "fake news" from all quarters and it is nothing new at all: whether that was "bat boy" at the grocery checkout, the sinking of the Maine, or the news and characterizations during the recent campaign. "Stop the Bullshit" and filtering efforts is not a solution to the problem, merely the creation of new problems such an even less thoughtful populous and a new set of arbiters of the truth that I for one won trust any more that the current ones..

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viagra 20mg Lately, we haven't had any problems with dropouts for a few months now. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but I suspected packet loss between our connection. In fact, I suspect it was her ISP and/or cable modem connection to the ISP. They want to make that decision and impose it to their employees. This people are intolerant. Religious NO WAY! That is arrogant and stupid.viagra 20mg

sildenafil 20mg In early April 2007, due to unexpected pregnancy, Olha left the group, the English album project was broken so the label decided to release it digitally. In July 2007, Vera Brezhneva, the blond girl of the group, left the group after she married Mikhail Kiperman.[9] She then went on to host a Russian version of Power of 10 a year later. In May 2007, Nu Virgos once again won Best Group at MUZ TV Awards.sildenafil 20mg

cheap cialis Vivus has plenty of cash, so those looking Cialis Online for a bottom may have it in sight. Rising up from that bottom in a meaningful manner is another story. In my opinion, pharma has more interesting plays. Before long, I noticed that I was having trouble typing because my hands were shaking. I was taking two minutes to get one sentence down because of having to go back and edit spastic keystrokes. My body felt like it was a barely contained cauldron of blazing energy from the dying heart of 1000 suns, my pulse was humming along at somewhere around mach 10, and the simple act of sitting still became more or less cialis

generic viagra ". This game is tied! This game is tied! David Ortiz, David Ortiz, David Ortiz!" The radio call by Dave O'Brien after an 8th inning grand slam by David Ortiz tied Game 2. And it was true for David Ortiz and the Red Sox tonight at Fenway Park where Boston rallied for a dramatic 6 5 victory over the pitching tough Detroit Tigers..generic viagra

viagra 20mg Of course, the idea is repeatedly turned down for its utter Cialis Online lack of pragmatism.The instant clogging of mail servers around the world and subsequent technological disruption might actually get the general computer using public to take more of an interest in the fact that around 200 gangs of people are effectively raping and pillaging the Internet right under their eyes.But then again, what can one do when faced with the Tragedy of the CommonsI know that was a joke (and a decent one, at that), but I must point out that there's a significant difference between AOL paying their money to mail you a nigh infinite quantity of CD's and some a hole spammer making you and AOL both pay to process and read their Viagra spam.And to give AOL a little credit, even they are making fun of all the CD's they mail out in their most recent TV ads.Though it makes my head hurt to see Jerry Stiller and Snoop Dogg in a commercial together. That's just wrong on so many diffferent levels.You are quiet correct, as a sysadmin, I know full well just how much money spam costs, and a big chunck of it is not paid for by the spammer. Its paid for by the network that has to pay for the bandwidth that is used to deliver the crap the spammer sends to me, intended for my customers that don't even want the f'ing shit viagra 20mg.


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